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The Hose

  • The Piano Song (Alla Vecchia Mix)
  • Call It Hardstyle! (Technoboy Remix)
  • I Survived (Original Vrs)
  • The Piano Song (Collezionne Autunne Inverno Mix)
  • The Pressure (Original Mix)
  • I Survived (Original Vrs)
  • My Little Stalker
  • The Piano Song
  • My little Stalker (Technoboy Opera Mix)
  • The Piano Song (Alla Vecchia Mix)

Alice Donut

  • Hose

Fifty Foot Hose

  • the thingsthat concern you
  • God Bless The Child
  • Red The Sign Post

Jose Carreras

  • The Phantom of the Opera

Die Toten Hosen

  • The Return Of Alex
  • I Am The Walrus
  • Disneyland (Stays The Same)
  • Call Of The Wild

Dayglo Abortions

  • Kill The Hosers

Die Roten Rosen

  • Alle Madchen Wollen Kussen
  • Und Sowas Nennst Du Liebe
  • Mein Hobby Sind Die Girls

Artash Asatryan

  • Лренк те хосенк


  • Call It Hardstyle!